A new Face for GCC

A desire to innovate 

With the advent of Industrialization 4.0, many companies are questioning their traditional marketing approach. GCC decided to take an innovative turn by redefining its brand image. Our team has updated the website to be more representative, attractive and ergonomic. One of the important ideas of this project was the creation of an interactive design containing the six areas of optimization that every manufacturer must work on: continuous improvement, operational excellence, process mapping, industrialization 4.0, facility planning and the supply chain 

We therefore contacted several marketing agencies to present this project. Of this lot of possibilities, Lakhos was, without a doubt, the one that attracted our attention the most. 

Lakhos: trust, efficiency and accessibility 

The Lakhos Group, formed almost three years ago by Anthony Lacoste, is a marketing firm that mainly targets B2B. Using a human approach centered on the desire to build a good long-term relationship with the customer, it was almost inconceivable to choose another company to make our graphic design. Indeed, Lakhos was the only company that wanted to meet us personally to discuss our future desires, as a company, to thus create a design perfectly impregnating the very essence of GCC. Simply by our first meeting, it was clear that the project would be realized in the symbiosis of our two companies. With their extremely professional attitude, a bond of trust was established almost instantly. The values of the company are very similar to those of GCC: innovation, growth, trust, efficiency and accessibility. The project was made in complete transparency and the ideas proposed by Lakhos complemented ours. The result surpassed our expectations. Comprising our six optimization areas in addition to a 3D effect giving a modern appearance, this graphic design represents GCC’s approach to the production of manufacturing companies. It not only illustrates, but also facilitates the understanding of concepts by production managers. 

Infinite possibilities 

Finally, the realization of graphic design with Lakhos was a rewarding experience for all. In addition to this design, our team has created an engaging character that represents GCC’s approach. This character was inspired by Maxime Clermont, the founder and owner of our enterprise. The goal is to personify GCC to represent the human aspect of our company.

We have also created a member area on our website that allows managers to conduct interactive activities (hyperlink to learn more) such as self-assessment quiz and activities to measure and improve their knowledge and management skills. 

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