Areas of Expertise

Our consultants and technical experts are trained to carry out different projects in all spheres of business. In addition, they can support managers in their improvement efforts by advising them on best practices and providing them with tools adapted to their context.

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Using planning and management tools, GCC helps businesses by enabling them to have a global and detailed view of their processes in order to be able to optimize their effectiveness.

  • Preliminary step to any improvement project
  • Measure process traceability, agility and transparency
  • Provide diagrams, graphs and diagrams to facilitate understanding by all key players in the organization


GCC helps your business in various stages of your supply chain to innovate and create solutions adapted to your needs.

  • Selection and effective integration of suppliers
  • Development of storage standards
  • Distribution optimization to reduce costs
  • Problem-solving and better response to the request
  • Inventory control​


Our experts make sure that production capabilities are better organized by integrating and storing advanced technologies to exchange information in an automated and computerized way.

  • Choice, selection and implementation of intelligent machines, storage systems or new production facilities.
  • Reorganization of existing installations and additions of data acquisition devices (sensors)
  • Conception of equipment performance reports and decision support


Whatever your business context, our GCC experts integrate and collaborate with your team to improve the quality of your products, maximize added value for customers and minimize waste throughout the process.

  • Small step approach, accessible to SMEs
  • Quality assurance, reduction of incorrect or defective part
  • Preparation and support for an audit
  • Implementation of innovative approaches in manufacturing optimization


Our intervention is to make companies more efficient in terms of traceability, agility and transparency in their processes.

  • Asset management
  • Sustainable development
  • Operational technologies
  • Operational risk management
  • Overall field productivity


GCC supports your business in order to optimize the scheduling and physical location of materials, personnel and equipment in your spaces

  • Development, expansion or removal of the warehouse
  • Implementation of a new site
  • Tagging study, best practices
  • Provide space to optimize inventory management, employee work and equipment utilization