On the road towards operational excellence

With a continuous improvement process, any company must define, improve and automate its processes in order to generate savings and reduce its risks. Start the process now!

Finally a company that offers me solutions adapted to my needs. I had bad experiences in the past with engineering firms because they offered very expensive 4.0 solutions that did not necessarily meet my needs. I like your approach because it allowed me to generate results as and when.

President, equipment manufacturing company
Step 1: Orientation meeting
Evaluate and identify

Consult our experts for:

  • Clarify your needs and goals
  • Discuss about areas of improvement
  • Orient your growth strategy
  • Evaluate your return on investment

Why? To beat competitors, better meet demand and lower your costs. Isn’t it the intention of every manager?

Step 2: Diagnosis
Measure and analyze

Carry out a diagnosis to measure:

  • Your productivity level
  • You current processes
  • Your supply chain
  • Your stock management
  • Your current layout

Why? To identify waste of time, money and energy. To ensure a better understanding of activities and processes by stakeholders. To have key performance indicators! 

Step 3: Solutions proposal
Proposition et sélection

Let our experts advise you according to:

  • The best practices
  • Your practical and budgetary limits
  • Your goals

Why? To develop solutions that fits to your needs and that will really help you achieve your goals.

Step 4: Implementation and integration
Realize and implement

Do business with GCC to:

  • Integrate new technologies (industrialization 4.0)
  • Rearranging your spaces
  • Improve your supply chain
  • Optimize your inventory management (order point definition, traceability, receipt, warehousing, picking and shipping)

Why call an expert? The integration of a new technology, system or process requires integration with the elements currently in place. We must think of everything: the response to changing needs, the transfer of knowledge and data, the management of control and intellectual property, the resolution of potential problems and several other essential elements in the selection and implementation. Our experts realize this integration with a structured methodology and a high efficiency.

Step 5: Monitoring and control
Measure and adapt

Measure, control and adapt

  • Your productivity
  • Your rejection rate
  • Your production time
  • Employee training

Our experts can equip your managers and your employees to ensure the smooth running of the company and maximize your return on investment.

It's time

Take the action you need to take to reduce costs, increase productivity and retain more earnings.