Groupe Clermont Conseil (GCC) has been serving business in Quebec and around the world for almost 20 years. Its founder, Maxime Clermont, earned his Industrial Engineering diploma from Montreal’s École Polytechnique in 1993.

The firm has seen great success with many of the most recognizable firms around the world, including Volvo, General Electric and McCain, to name just three.

Operational Excellence has become top of mind for most businesses, but how to achieve it? Of course, it involved Process Mapping and so much more.

His team includes businesspeople with not only experience in industrial engineering and all the areas of expertise this encompasses, but in the day-to-day growth and management of SMB’s.

More recently, GCC has been successful in working with the Quebec Government to help SMB’s secure significant grants specifically for their development of Industrialization 4.0 strategies and implementations.

GCC’s team is dedicated to its clients. We work as advisors for some and as full implementation experts for others; we work with you to determine the true value add that will leave you a fully satisfied client. Or we don’t take on the job – period.

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Most of our clients start with a Free Evaluation Meeting. Many just give us a call at 450-686-1999. And others will fill in a contact form and we respond quickly.

We have a passion for Continuous Improvement and we have helped an innumerable count of businesses with their Supply Chain as well. Where you may find the greatest difference? We truly enjoy implementing real solutions that both save you money and increase your profits. Your success is our success, and we look forward to meeting every single client, new and returning.

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