The Ulink Program

The Ulink Data Collection and Analysis Program is a decision support tool that identifies potential sources of problems in your plant.

Using wireless sensors juxtaposed on your equipment, our experts are able to measure the performance of your equipment and identify trends, comparisons and key performance indicators.

The Ulink program allows you to:

  • Analyze your results, identify potential sources of problems, and lead improvement efforts;
  • Improve the productivity of your equipment and your employees
  • To target the problems at the equipment level;
  • Guide maintenance operations;
  • To compare your performance between several periods;
  • To direct our research to identify bottlenecks;
  • To provide support during daily team meetings;
  • To identify the NVA (non-added values) and the AV (added values)
  • 74% of manufacturing executives view Industrialization 4.0 as an opportunity to improve their production processes;
  • 2/3 of the leaders intend to increase the use of digital in their production processes in the coming years;
  • 94% of firms that incorporate new technologies in factories report a return on their investments. In fact, the manufacturing sector is the one that will benefit the most from the Internet of Things;

Over the years, GCC has found that the majority of companies with low digital maturity tend to overstate the performance of production. Why? Because they lack measurement tools and performance indicators. Manufacturing SMBs tend to have low digital maturity and generally do not have as much financial resources as large firms. Sometimes they simply do not intend to invest large sums of money to embark on a major engineering project. GCC has focused on exploiting this niche market by designing a data collection and analysis program to evaluate the performance of their equipment.

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